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The brain scans showed that viewing the pictures of their loved ones produced chemical reactions in the brain.

Even more fascinating is that the brain scans of some individuals who were together for 20 years or more showed similar chemical reactions to individuals that had recently fallen in love!

The authors of the book provide warning when they detail that brain centers which signal “passionate new love” are the same parts of the brain which detail infatuation.

However, if one digs deeply enough, the celebrities who aren’t endlessly splattered over the latest tabloids may have something to contribute in the “True Love Arena”.

You may not hear too much about Danny Devito’s marriage which has lasted since 1982, or Michael J. Green who waited until age 38 to marry and find true love.

Or, it could be that energy that seemingly radiates when they’re together.

If one searches thoroughly enough, successful marriages can be found everywhere.

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  1. Now, I’d like to make new memories with someone who understands that excitement.” Single at 41, Dave is a self-proclaimed ‘gregarious geek’ who previously worked at Microsoft and is now at Sony, counting his years at Disneyland as a fun ‘break from real life’.